Kassai and Luigi (Gülügjab)

This page about Kassai is here, even though he is not a member of The Silver Horde or SCA, because he is an important figure in the modern world of Mounted Archery.

Kassai Lajos has been practicing mounted archery for about 15 years and is the one who gave instruction at the International Horse Archery Festival where Gülügjab has taken lessons. He owns land in his native Hungary where he gives lessons and hosts his own form of events year round.

There is nothing like watching a master of a martial art in action:

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Further reading:

Lajos, Kassai. Horseback Archery. Hungary: Gyomai Kner Nyomda Rt., 2002.

The background is from an illustraion from a Sung Dynasty printing of the Archery Manual of Wang Ju, translated by Stephen Selby and cited in his book Chinese Archery.

You can take Mounted Archery lessons from Kassai at his valley in Hungary and can be contacted at:
Tel./fax: +36 (82) 477 061
  He also has the following website:

Kassai makes Magyar, Hun, and Mongol style bows that are imported to the U.S.A. by:

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