Where I am
It would suffice,
To say that love
Has no device,

In it is enveloped
The path I now walk,
With unsure steps
To myself I talk,

Company I keep
And have always known,
The sole such I trust
It is my own,

Descent, I would say
Is my direction,
My heart feels gravity
Towards lacking affection,

Inwards more likely
If this realm had bounds,
Press on as if driven
By Hellspawn Hellhounds,

More accurate
Would be to say,
That from something
I travel away,

Occasion to look back
And see across space,
A glimmer of light
That still warms my face,

Memories have
Many dimensions,
A locale, a depth,
Time and intentions,

Like people
They are quite odd,
Having a true self
And a facade,

Or several
As it may be,
One for each which it
Has kept company,

Confounding from view
Underlying nature,
Its treasure: your trust
It tries to capture,

Looking away
From whence I came,
Asylum from the
Universal game,

The unknown
Is the unloved,
The unbetrayed
Never stomped or shoved,

Innocence is virtue
Pastures windblown,
In memories and people,
It is unknown,

The weight of that world
Its baggage and wear,
At purity
Will corrode and tear,

So I reach out
Or into the void,
All worldly shadows
I intend to avoid,

Finding nothing
Afoot or amiss,
Untouched by lies
Down the abyss,

All my eternal
Travels have shown,
Only one thing
I am unknown.

by Luigi Kapaj - 2/24/98

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