Tale of the Traveller

A lonely trail I travel upon
    There’s no one else in sight
Trees stand tall on either side
    And blocks what little light

A cloak I wear against the cold
    Hood drawn to my brow
Shivering, I walk, against the wind
    To the sound of distant howl

I raise my head as storm clouds gather
    Above the trees so high
Spreading the grey from the ground
    To cover even the sky

I hasten my steps in hopes to find shelter
    For thunder cries abound
I search between the haunted trees
    But no shelter can be found

A bend I round on the wayward path
    To see a chimney’s smoke
It is a cabin that I approach
    Tightly holding my cloak

Up the stairs and to a door
    In hopes to warm my face
But none will come to let me in
    To enjoy this warm solace

So off I go on down the path
    To further on my way
With dangers lurking in the woods
    From the path I cannot stray

Up ahead a hungry beast
    Hoping to surprise
Unbeknownst I await
    Spying shallow eyes

Approaching soft I keep hidden
    The presence of which I know
Keeping calm we eye to eye
    Acknowledging the foe

Gaping jaws and hungry eyes
    Fur upon its back
Claws dig deep into the ground
    As it leaps into attack

I stand still taking pain
    Letting it make its score
I stick a blade into its gut
    To hurt it even more

It dies quick with angry eyes
    Howling its last plight
I settle here eating wolf
    And will feast well this night

I lay down between to trees
    The pain will stay all night
The rain starts now in heavy poor
    With lightning flashing bright

I wrap my cloak tight about
    Hoping to not freeze
As night sets in
    So does a stronger breeze...

I curl up into a ball
    To try and get some sleep
I close my eyes and start to dream
    Starting to sleep deep

In my dreams I see a place
    Where there’s grass and happy home
I see myself smiling
    For I am not alone

The dream fades fast going away
    Sinking in a lake
I restlessly turn in my sleep
    Soon I’ll be awake

Dawn does come as it should
    To wake me from my sleep
A shiver runs down along my spine
    Upon me day does creep

Standing tall head held high
    My pride is held in jest
I see the way I must travel
    To continue on my quest

Trees stand tall on either side
    And blocks what little light
A lonely trail I travel upon
    There’s no one else in sight

The sun comes up and brightly shines
    To show I found my way
It is where I started from
    But just another day

by Luigi Kapaj

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last updated on May 23, 2001