To the most beautiful girl I have ever seen,
Sitting down on the train right next to me,
I was too shy to say hi though what may have been,
You're a dream left untouched please forgive me,

When I sleep I have visions happiness in view,
Clouds withdraw from my life the dark night too,
A bright face warms my body I see her in you,
The companion of dreams I quest for you,

Not often does courage fail in one bold as I,
Who is willing to tread the burning sands,
Or raged mountain summits to which I'll climb high,
But you I have let slip out from my hands,

So clear were your dark brown eyes with a hint of green,
Above cheeks covered with dark freckled skin,
And thick wavy hair tied up so your ears were seen,
The full lips of your mouth perked not a grin,

About your neck hung a key to unlock my heart,
The tight clothes that you wore to aid lust's part,
Perhaps you feared that my claws would tear you apart,
Did you just see outside not in my heart.

by Luigi Kapaj - 2/3/98

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